Friday, August 15, 2008

1381. A cigar box tool, the blade is used to break the seal, the hammer for tapping out the tack, and the slit is for pulling stubborn tacks.

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1382. A stove lifter and carrier, patent number 224,617:

This tool is made from two long pieces of wood that are connected by two adjustable metal parts:

These next three were submitted by visitors:

1383. A tool for crimping conduit to make it easier to bend, as seen in the second photo:

1384. A brick of compressed peat from the Irish company Bord Na Mona:

1385. This is probably an incense burner.

1386. A railroad spike puller, they normally use a very large claw bar to pull spikes but when there are two rails right next to each other, the large puller can't reach the spikes because the rails are too close together. So to pull up spikes in a tight spot, they put this tool under the head of it and use a claw bar to pry up on the lugs. It's patent number 710,468.


Thanks to Ron White, Chairman of the Mid West Tool Collectors "What's It?" Committee, for further information on this tool, it's a locomotive inspector's hammer. The hammer head was made to check for defects on a steam locomotive, including lateral clearance of driving wheels and engine and trailing trucks, drive-wheel flange height, grab-iron and end-handhold clearance, flat and shell spots on wheels, and coupler contour. It was also useful for checking for loose nuts and metal thicknesses.

From Scotty Fulton's collection.

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